For healthcare providers, who treat different areas of the body but want to coordinate patient care. And for patients, who typically see more than one provider.

Healthcare should be seamless


of US physicians report “patient relationships” as the most satisfying factor in medical practice

Our healthcare system disadvantages both patients and providers.

It is common for doctors to have between 1200 and 1900 active patients. The difficulty of maintaining that many patient relationships can negatively impact care, leading to a disorganized and scattered patient experience.

Willow simplifies that.

A health-at-home app that makes the healthcare process simpler, more efficient, and less expensive—
for patients and providers both.

Improve patient engagement with data tracking

Tracking steps, sleep, weight, or diet significantly improves medication adherence

Understand patients better with a fuller picture of their health

Provide more comprehensive care with information from patients' other providers.

Build trust with more accessible communication

55% of patients ranked “trusted medical professionals” highest among factors in managing their own health more actively.

Adaptable to any specialization.

Customizable for providers of all kinds, from anaesthesiologists to nutritionists, because increasing communication between doctor and patient is key to preventative care and acute recovery alike.

Primary Care

A primary care physician is often tasked with medication reconciliation across all areas of their patient’s health. Willow keeps this information accessible, so a psychiatrist and a dentist won’t prescribe conflicting medications.


Mental health professionals can get an accurate and up-to-date image of their patients’ mental state by looking at medication and habit trackers. They can be better prepared for mental health flare-ups when they arise.


A nutritionist can keep in closer contact with their patients by reviewing daily data points that the patient collects already: blood glucose levels for diabetics and meal logs for IBS patients, for example. 

Oral Surgeon

Recovery after wisdom tooth extraction surgery is made simpler when the patient can rank their daily pain levels, review care and medication instructions, and ask follow-up questions.

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